Meet The Dog Trainers

Meet The Dog Trainers

I’m very lucky to have a fantastic group of people working for me at Have Leash Will Train. All of my team are passionate about working with dogs, about the welfare of dogs and are committed to helping dog owners becoming better dog owners.
Have Leash Will Train is pleased to offer personalized, in home dog training to you, the owner. We only hire people we would trust with our own pets. – Barry Stewart – The Long Island Dog Trainer

Your Dog Trainers

siberian husky learning with the dog trainer

Barry Stewart – Founder, President and Professional Dog Trainer

One of the most difficult things about owning in raising a dog is possessing the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the dog is obedient and well bahaved. And, as many of us know, this is often tougher than it looks.

Well, dog training no longer has to be a problem at all – no matter how ‘naughty’ and headstrong a pub may be. If you need help with proper training, behavior and obedience, Barry Stewart aka “The Dog Trainer,” is available. As a young man who sold puppies, Barry developed a love for animals that evolved into his becoming a specialist in dog handling while in the military. Now it has developed into a dog training business. He is a dog-behavior specialist/obedience instructor who is US military certified.

He has a special rapport with all dogs and believes in leading the dog, using a leash to ensure proper modification. “Proper training and breaking bad habits usually takes from 6 to 10 lessons,” Barry comments, adding “I can help housebreak dogs and recommend crate-training as well as offer obedience training using verbal and hand signals commands. My training ensures that the owwner becomes the Alpha.”

some huskies and eric


“My love for animals began when I was a very young boy. I think I learned to whistle to get my dog’s attention, before I was able to talk. I remember going out with my dad to his dog training sessions and coming home and trying to implement everything I learned by practicing with my own dogs. I knew right from the start that this was something I could do for the rest of my life. At the age of 18 I got my certification in dog obedience and behavioral training and here I am a little over 20 years later and there is nothing else in this world I could imagine myself doing. I don’t know many people who look forward to waking up in the morning and going to work because they love what they do. I experience the joy of working by helping others better understand and communicate with their own dogs. I know that dog training is more than just obedience and tricks – it is helping the owners and their dogs live together in peace and harmony. ”


young labrador with Debbie


“I have had a passion for animals since I was a little girl. Finding the incredible bond and unconditional love of dogs at such an early age, unknowingly was the start of a lifelong dream of becoming a dog trainer. I started to pursue my passion by going out with my dad on the weekends when he was training dogs when I was a very young girl. I loved every dog I met along the way and always remember wishing I could take them all home with me! As a teenager aside from going and training dogs with my dad I would spend as much time as I could volunteering at animal shelters just so I could work and play with the dogs. I became a certified dog trainer at the age of 21 and I have been training for almost 20 years now and I love every second of it! I get to meet people and dogs from all walks of life and it is the most rewarding feeling in the world!

“I have three dogs, Emma (5yr chocolate lab), Lucy (3yr old pit mix), Sasha (2yr old german shepherd) and last but not least a tabby cat named Leo!”


flag dog

Barbara ~ Dog Obedience Instructor / Canine Behavior Consultant

My approach to training dogs comes with 16 years of professional experience plus a life time of raising all types of breeds within my personal pack. My life has been blessed because I can honestly say “I do what I was meant to do in life and love doing it”; which is working with dogs and their families. Nothing is more rewarding then seeing a well balanced dog (that may not have started out that way, but has become a better canine citizen of the home) and a happy family who adores their dog. This is what the goal is when we train together as a team.

When approaching a new puppy or an older dog that may have developed an undesirable behavior, I assess the situation and create a game plan for the owner and the dog. Education, Patience, and Structure coupled with Kindness and Assertiveness are the things that we practice. When an owner and dog learn to communicate with each other, the relationship deepens and a stable environment is created. Now you can offer your dog a “Forever Home”. There is always more than one tool to apply to a behavior, and my job is to fill your “toolbox” with knowledge and in site, so training can be fun and exciting, as you and the dog learn together. That is how a stable, well balanced pack develops between humans and canines. The experience is like no other relationship in the world.


Barry Stewart aka “The Dog Trainer” has been recognized as one of the best NY dog trainers, based on his experience, professionalism, and ethics. Have Leash Will Train, Inc. provides expert dog training services from the South Shore to the North Shore of Nassau County, Suffolk County and now Manhattan – with happy dog owners and wagging tails in Bayville, Manhasset, Merrick, Port Washington, Bellmore, Woodmere, Babylon, Cold Spring Harbor, Commack, Dix Hills, Garden City, Jericho, Long Beach, East Norwich, Woodbury, Oyster Bay and more on Long Island.

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If you are looking for an experienced, gentle and reliable dog trainer,

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speak to Barry. I am confident you will be satisfied with our professional service.

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