Basic Obedience training makes dogs more fun to be around. Sit, stay, come and more ….

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Puppy Training teach them right from the beginning.

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Advanced Dog Training going beyond the basics of sit, come and stay.

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New dog in the House training for a smooth transition, enforcing house rules and setting limits.

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Expert In-Home Dog Training by Military Certified Barry Stewart

My Approach

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One to One Training

Dogs are social creatures and instinctively seek to find their place in the pack. Your dog will learn to love performing your commands, acknowledging that you are in charge.

Meet Barry Stewart

Barry Stewart aka “The Dog Trainer” has been recognized as one of the best NY dog trainers, based on his experience, professionalism, and ethics. Have Leash Will Train, Inc. provides expert dog training services on Long Island.

How Do You Train Your Dog To Obey You

Dog training. I know, the first image that comes to mind is likely that of Doberman Pinschers as attack dogs, German Shepherds searching for bombs, or hound dogs tracking down suspects. But in reality, today’s dog trainer will modify the behavior of your house pet.

Teaching your dog how to live with people, pets and children is a great way to prevent any negative behaviors from becoming a problem.

Most of us treat our dogs as members of our family. They are loved, fed and cared for like a young child. And like a young child, they must learn how to live with the family that loves them. Your dog should learn what behavior is acceptable, what is expected and what conduct is objectionable.

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Long Island Dog Trainer

Barry Stewart aka “The Dog Trainer” will show you a well-trained, obedient dog is a pleasure to own when your dog knows you are the “Leader of The Pack”. You will be amazed at the results. Your dog will learn the rules of the house, become a good companion and seek to please you.

Do you want your dog to:

  • Walk at your side instead of pull you down the street when you walk him?
  • Greet your guests politely?
  • Know his place rather than growl when you scold him or act aggressively without reason?
  • Behave appropriately as opposed to stealing food from the table or jumping on the furniture?
  • Be more relaxed instead of overly shy or uncontrollably hyperactive?
  • Be social with other dogs or your pet cat rather than fighting with other animals?

These are just a few of the behaviors that Barry Stewart can modify to transform your dog into the centered, well-mannered dog you dreamed you would own when you first adopted your pet.

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I am confident you will be satisfied with our professional service.

A Dog Behavior Specialist

The “Have Leash, Will Train” Approach will help unlock your dog’s full potential. There is so much pleasure to be had with a well-behaved friendly dog.

Every dog is an individual with their own personality and needs. All dogs, all breeds, every size and any age can be taught to behave properly. Barry believes effective dog training requires a commitment by the dog owner to fully participate in the “Leader of The Pack” training process.

Barry can help you find peace and love in your home with the proper behavior and obedience dog training. Barry has a special rapport with all dogs and believes in leading the dog on a leash and collar to insure proper training and behavior modification.

You will be amazed the very first day and by teaching him to respect your authority, your dog will always try to keep you pleased and smiling. Staying Calm and Firm is only the the first step. Through proper training, discipline, exercise and praise will develop a healthy relationship between you and your dog. The Dog Trainer aka Barry Stewart will help you accomplish this immediately.

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Every dog has a few basic needs – shelter, good nutrition, exercise and companionship. But to reach your dog’s full potential; you must provide your dog the training that will teach him to be loyal, friendly, protective, affectionate and fun.


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If you are looking for an experienced, gentle and reliable dog trainer,

call today at (516) 770 – 1025, speak to Barry. I am confident you will be satisfied with our professional service.


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